Financial Automation


Excel To Tally

Refer video:

Search for Excel file named Bank Statement format .

Click to open this Excel file.

Excel file will look like below.


This file shows the format in which you have to fill all bank statements of any company or client.

In 1st row column C enter company name/client name eg.Zappy.


And from row 5 and column A start copy pasting all data from bank statement in this file format.

There should be no blank lines in between.

Now your file should look like this.

Minimise it.


Open tally account of same company /client

Click on accounting voucher

Minimise it.


You will see Excel to Tally icon as below.

Double click on this icon


Now Run zappy task Screen opens. Then click ok button.


After this please don’t touch your mouse or keyboard till successfully executed task screen appears.

You will see all your entries getting transferred in payment/receipt Vouchers.


After all the entries are transferred successfully you will see on right bottom corner.

Successfully Executed task: Excel to Tally.


Now you can check your entries in balance sheet and tally your balance amount.

For CA:

In this way you can enter thousands of bank statement of all your client in hours instead of days.