Folder Change Trigger



This Example shows how to create automation of FolderChange Trigger using Zappy. We have an input folder named test as shown. Folder change trigger when created, user receives notification every time any changes are made to the folder or contents.

follows the following steps

Step 1: Right click on Zappy icon at bottom right corner of your window and select Task Editor.

Step 2: Click on Open folder and select FolderChangeTrigger.zappy task, click on Open as shown. You will find this file in your ZappyAdditionalSamples

Step 3: Click on Folder Change Trigger and set the properties.

  • FolderPath – Folder path.
  • NotificationDelay – Set time in milliseconds.

Step 5: Click on Executeimage

Step 6: You can see message “Successfully Registered Active Trigger” from Zappy.

Step 6: Perfomed some chnages in set file ans save it (Here , we use Zappy.Txt).When user save changes that time trigger will fired.

Step 7: You can see “Successfully Executed Task” message from Zappy on successful execution.