Moving File's from Source Folder to Destination Folder:


Refer video

Example shows how to automate the process of moving files from the source folder to the destination folder. For that we required source folder from which you have to transfer all files with particular extension. Example .exe, .msg,.xlsx in the Destination folder.

To accomplish this, follow the below steps:

Step 1:

Open Task Editor.

Step 2:

Drag from Activity panel “GetFileInDirectory” drop it on Task Editor. In the property panel set the Path of source folder in “Directory path” & then Set “File search pattern” such as “ . ” for all files & “ *.extension” for files with particular extension.


Drag from Activity panel “For each loop” & in the for each loop start action set output of “GetFileInDirectory” (i.e. files) for the “Enumerable”

Step 4:

Drag from Activity panel “File Move” & set destination file path in “ToFilePath” & set the variable “LoopItem” in the “FromFilePath” property

Step 5:

Save file & execute it.

(Note: All files form source folder will be transfer in destination folder. After transferring all files from source folder to destination folder, if you have to transfer any new file coming to source folder automatically use parodic time trigger before “getfilesindirectory”)

Step 6: Drag “Perodic time trigger” set time for “DueTimeInSec”

Step 7: Execute file.