Web Automation


Video shows an example of Zappy automation created to obtain a list of companies’ stock prices from London Stock Exchange (LSE) website.

User creates an excel sheet with desired company codes and respective price columns need to be updated from LSE.

Step 1: Right click on Zappy icon select Start learning .


Step 2: User has to manually copy the company code from second row, first column of the excel sheet and enter in search box of LSE. Click on search to see the results.

e.g.:- we have used the following link for our sample automation



Step 3: Copy the price of searched Company Code and paste it in Price Column (Column 2, Row 2) of the Excel sheet. Place cursor on the second company code (Column1, Row 3).

Step 4: Right click on Zappy icon select Stop learning .


Step 5: Click on Z icon that appears on top of Excel window


Select all learned activities. From drop down list select how many times you want to run the task & Click on Run.


Step 6: After running Learned activities, you will see Custom Activity displayed in Zappy Context menu.

Select all custom activities. Then click on Open on Task Editor Icon.

image image

Task editor opens. Auto generated task will look like below

Step 7: When you select Custom Activity, Zappy automatically adds For Loop Start & For Loop End actions. Now you can change For Loop Initial & Final Value as per your requirement by clicking on For Loop Start.


Step 8: Now click on Execute button. Zappy will automatically search each company code and enter the price in Excel sheet.


Step 9: Once the task is executed, Zappy gives “Successfully Executed Task” message on Right hand corner of your window.

Zappy will extract data from web & enter it in excel as shown below.

To perform this operation repeatedly we have added a periodic timer to our task in Task Editor.

As seen above, we add a Periodic Timer Trigger activity to our Zappy generated task.

We can set below properties to customize Periodic Timer Trigger operation as shown below.

  • AskBeforeExecuting- Ask every time before task is execute or not. If you want to execute set task that time set as true.
  • DueTimeInSecs- The time in milliseconds perform the set task (1000=1sec).


Now click on Execute button to register our new task for periodic execution.

Once the task is executed, Zappy gives “Successfully Executed Task” message on Right hand corner of your window.

If you want to disable this periodic task you can use Trigger Manager in Zappy Tools as shown below,


You will see newly created task in the manager window, where you can set the property IsDisabled = true. This will disable and remove this task.